US Genomics


Company Information

U.S. Genomics is pioneering tools to enable single molecule biology for the life sciences industry. The company develops and manufactures instruments and their associated reagents for researchers in academia, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and contract research organizations.  U.S. Genomics has introduced the Trilogy™2020 single molecule analyzer, a bench-top instrument, combining advances in microfluidics, optical engineering, and novel labeling strategies. The company's innovative technologies allow applications in genetics, functional genomics, biodefense, and diagnostics to be performed at the single molecule level. Understanding how biological pathways manifest themselves in normal and diseased states hinges on a researcher's ability to detect accurately the small molecular variances within cells.  Because varying quantities of biological molecules can signify activity within a cell, the development of a tool that allows for single molecule detection opens new avenues for bio-discovery. 

The company's Trilogy™ platform is the first commercially available technology to enable the direct detection and analysis of individual molecules of DNA, RNA, and proteins without the need for amplification.  By quantifying subtle fluctuations in the counts of specific molecules, the Trilogy technology elucidates the interactions that can mark the difference between disease, health, and individuals' responsiveness to particular drugs.  Existing technologies require amplification and bulk measurement of fluorescence to study millions of molecules at a time.  By contrast, the Trilogy platform provides the accuracy of direct quantitation of single molecular interactions. 

U.S. Genomics' portfolio of products will further the understanding of normal and disease pathways and will ultimately lead to more effective therapeutics and diagnostics. The company also has more than 30 scientific collaborations with leading pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic and academic research laboratories, including an early access Trilogy technology program.

Founded in 1997 and based in Woburn, Massachusetts, U.S. Genomics has raised a total of $50 million from HealthCare Ventures, StillRiver Fund, CB Health Ventures, Fidelity Biosciences Group, Zero Stage Capital and private investors. In addition, the company has been awarded a $7.5 million Phase I contract by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Advanced Research Project Agency (HSARPA) to develop a sophisticated biological sensor for biodefense applications.