Method of Sample (gDNA) Preparation for Sending out


Sample(gDNA) Preparation

1)  DNA should be dissolved in TE buffer (Tris 10mM pH 8,0, 0.1 mM EDTA) or 10 mM Tris pH 8.0.

2)  Do Not Dissolve in Water


Sample(gDNA) Requirement

1)   Amount and concentration spec. : over 20 ug of gDNA with >50 ng/ul

 This amount is required for

a.  Whole genome sequencing (30X)

b.  Whole exome sequencing (50X)

c.  Genotyping

2)  Sample(gDNA) should be : OD260/280=1.8~2.0; free of protein, RNA, or other visible contamination


Sample(gDNA) Packing Information 

This way is only available when DNA is dissolved in TE or Tris buffer.

1)  If not, please pack DNA with icepack in icebox and use Fedex or DHL service

2)  Mark sample information on tube (concentration, sample name…what you want)

3)  Seal the cap of tube with parafilm well

4)  Wrap the tube with paper towel or equivalent

5)  Put into the 50 ml Falcon tube and close the cap

6)  Send the sample with air cushion envelop by FEDEX or DHL or equivalent


Requirement of Sample(gDNA) Information

1)  Sample type: DNA

2)  Condition: DNA in TE buffer or EB buffer or equivalent. Not in water

3)  Gel image of DNA electrophoresis

4)  Species

5)  No. of Tubes

6)  Concentration (ng/μl)

7)  Volume (μl)

8)  Total Quantity (μg)

9)  OD260/280

10)  OD260/230


Please download and refer to the following documents for information on gDNA methods of preparation and delivery.

1.Method of Sample (gDNA) Preparation for Sending out

2.Declaration of Shipment