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Title Publisher ISSN 제공년도 Subject
Medecine & Droit Elsevier 1246-7391 02-Jan-95 Medicine
Medecine de Catastrophe - urgences collectives Elsevier 1279-8479 31-May-98 Medicine
Medecine et Maladies Infectieuses Elsevier 0399-077X 30-Nov-99 Medicine
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Elsevier 0730-725X 31-Dec-95 Medicine
Mammalian Biology - Zeitschrift fur Saugetierkunde Urban & Fischer 1616-5047 01-Jan-02 Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Manual Therapy Churchill Livingstone 1356-689X 30-Nov-95 Medicine
Mathematical Biosciences Elsevier 0025-5564 31-Jan-95 Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Matrix Biology Elsevier 0945-053X 28-Feb-95 Life Sciences
Maturitas Elsevier 0378-5122 31-Jan-95 Medicine
Meat Science Elsevier 0309-1740 31-Dec-95 Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Mechanisms of Ageing and Development Elsevier 0047-6374 13-Jan-95 Life Sciences
Mechanisms of Development Elsevier 0925-4773 31-Jan-95 Life Sciences
Mechatronics Pergamon 0957-4158 28-Feb-95 Engineering, Energy and Technology
Medical and Pediatric Oncology John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. 1096-911X 1997 Hematology, Oncology
Medical Care LWW 0025-7079 1996 ~ 현재 Medicine
Medical Dosimetry Pergamon 0958-3947 30-Jun-95 Medicine
Medical Engineering & Physics Elsevier 1350-4533 31-Jan-95 Medicine
Medical Hypotheses Churchill Livingstone 0306-9877 31-Jan-95 Medicine
Medicine LWW 0025-7974 1995 ~ 현재 Medicine
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise LWW 0195-9131 1996 ~ 현재 Sport Medicine
Medicine, Healthcare & Philosophy Kluwer Academic Publishers 1386-7423 1998 Public Aspects of Medicine
Mental Health Services Research Plenum Publishers 1522-3434 2000 Public Aspects of Medicine
Metabolic Engineering Academic Press 1096-7176 31-Jan-99 Life Sciences
Metabolism W.B. Saunders 0026-0495 31-Jan-95 Medicine
Methods Academic Press 1046-2023 28-Feb-95 Life Sciences
Methods in Cell Science Kluwer Academic Publishers 1381-5741 1997 Natural History. Biology
Microbes and Infection Elsevier 1286-4579 31-Jan-99 Life Sciences
Microbial Pathogenesis Academic Press 0882-4010 01-Jan-95 Life Sciences
Microbiological Research Urban & Fischer 0944-5013 01-Jan-01 Medicine
Micron Pergamon 0968-4328 31-Dec-95 Life Sciences
Microscopy Research and Technique John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. 1097-0029 1997 Biology; Imaging
Microvascular Research Academic Press 0026-2862 31-Jan-95 Life Sciences
Mitochondrion Elsevier 1567-7249 30-Sep-01 Life Sciences
Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology Elsevier 0166-6851 31-Jan-95 Life Sciences
Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Kluwer Academic Publishers 0300-8177 1997 Microbiology


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