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Title Publisher ISSN 제공년도 Subject
Landscape Ecology Kluwer Academic Publishers 0921-2973 1997 Natural History. Biology
Legal Medicine Elsevier 1344-6223 30-Sep-99 Medicine
Letters in Applied Microbiology Blackwell 1997   Microbiology
Leukemia Nautre Publishing Group 0887-6924 Jan 1997  Internal Medicine. Practice of Medicine
Life Sciences Pergamon 0024-3205 31-Dec-95 Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Science and Toxicology
Livestock Production Science Elsevier 0301-6226 31-Jan-95 Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Lung Cancer Elsevier 0169-5002 30-Apr-95 Medicine
LWT - Food Science and Technology Academic Press 0023-6438 01-Jan-95 Agricultural and Biological Sciences


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