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Title Publisher ISSN 제공년도 Subject
Calcified Tissue International Springer-Verlag LINK   58/1 1996  
Calcolo Springer-Verlag LINK   35/1 1998  
Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations Springer-Verlag LINK   5/1 1996  
Calphad Pergamon 0364-5916 31-Mar-95 Materials Science
Cancer John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. 1097-0142 1997 Medicine (general), Oncology
Cancer and Metastasis Reviews Kluwer Academic Publishers   1997 Internal Medicine. Practice of Medicine.
Cancer Causes & Control Kluwer Academic Publishers 0957-5243 1997 Internal Medicine. Practice of Medicine
Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology Springer-Verlag LINK   37/1-2 1995  
Cancer Cytopathology John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.   1997 Oncology
Cancer Detection and Prevention Elsevier 0361-090X 31-Mar-02 Medicine
Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention(AACR-1) 개별저널      
Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics Elsevier 0165-4608 31-Jan-95 Medicine
Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy Springer-Verlag LINK   42/1 1996  
Cancer Letters Elsevier 0304-3835 06-Jan-95 Medicine
Cancer Research(AACR-2) 개별저널      
Cancer Treatment Reviews W.B. Saunders 0305-7372 31-Jan-95 Medicine
Cancer/Radiothérapie Éditions scientifiques et médicales Elsevier 1278-3218 31-Dec-97 Medicine
Carbohydrate Polymers Elsevier 0144-8617 31-Dec-95 Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Carbohydrate Research Elsevier 0008-6215 03-Jan-95 Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Carbon Pergamon 0008-6223 31-Dec-95 Materials Science
Carcinogenesis OUP 1460-2180 1997 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Cardiac Electrophysiology Review Kluwer Academic Publishers 1385-2264 1997 Internal Medicine. Practice of Medicine
CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology Springer-Verlag LINK   19/1 1996  
Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy Kluwer Academic Publishers 0920-3206 1997 Therapeutics. Pharmacology
Cardiovascular Engineering Plenum Publishers 1567-8822 2001 Internal Medicine. Practice of Medicine.
Cardiovascular Pathology Elsevier 1054-8807 31-Mar-95 Medicine
Cardiovascular Radiation Medicine Elsevier 1522-1865 31-Jan-99 Medicine
Cardiovascular Research Elsevier 0008-6363 31-Jan-95 Medicine
Catalysis Communications Elsevier 1566-7367 30-Nov-00 Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Catalysis Letters Plenum Publishers 1011-372X 1998 Chemistry
Catalysis Surveys from Asia Plenum Publishers 1384-6574 1997 Chemistry
Catalysis Today Elsevier 0920-5861 25-Jan-95 Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
CATENA Elsevier 0341-8162 28-Feb-95 Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Catheterization and Cardiovascular Diagnosis John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. 1097-0304 1997 Cardiovascular Disease, Surgery
Current Biology        
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